Graze Box: Week of 10/13/14

I’m a little late on updating this! It’s been a busy week at home and this just kept getting pushed to the side. But better late than never, right?

This box from Graze was probably one of my favourites that I’ve had so far! So let’s get down to the details.

What: Graze nibble box, a collection of 4 portion-controlled snacks, each with a nutritional benefit!
How much?: Graze currently runs $7/box, and you can have the boxes delivered weekly or bi-weekly, and you’re able to pause your subscription if needed. The boxes have been cheaper in the past, but they have promised that whatever price you subscribe at will be the price you keep!
Referral: If you’re interested in trying Graze out for free, you can use my referral link located here, or you can enter the code AMYP4HJLB on the site! Using my link or code will get you your first box absolutely FREE, and if you decide to stay with the subscription, your fifth box will come to you free as well!

Now, on to the box!

20141013_14195620141013_142019I love the graze boxes! They’re so pretty and simple, with the plain brown box and the pretty packaging inside! Each box contains 4 snacks chosen for you from a list over over 90 available snacks, and it also includes a small pamphlet telling you a bit about some aspect of the company along with the nutritional facts for your particular snacks and their expiration date.

20141013_142207The first snack I tried in this box was the Beach Bum. Described as “pineapple, chewy banana coins and coconut flakes”, it’s a delicious, tropical experience. Everything in here is true to the fruit without additional sweeteners, and when you get a bit of it all in one bite, it’s truly wonderful!

I’m really fond of Graze’s dried pineapple. Chewy and packed with flavour, it’s addictive! I could eat an entire bag of it!


Next came their Cherries & Berries, which is described as “cherries, lingonberries, cranberries, and jumbo raisins”, and this was a hit! The cherries were my favourite part, moist and soft and nothing like the shriveled up cherries I’ve bought at stores in the past! If you like berries, you’ll definitely enjoy this one!


Next came their Strawberry Shortcake. Described as “raw pistachio kernels, strawberry drops, yogurt coated strawberry pieces and sponge pieces”, this takes the cake as my favourite Graze snack ever. The minute you open up the package, you are greeted with that fresh strawberry smell. The strawberry drops are absolutely amazing and delicious, the yogurt coated pieces are to die for, and the sponge and pistachio bits are wonderful with everything else. This was absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to have it again!

The last snack in my box was their Apple & Cinnamon Flapjack. I forgot to take a picture of this one since I took it home to share with my husband (and my rabbit, Bea, snitched a bite as well!). This flapjack is excellent like all of their others, moist and sweet and not hiding the apple and cinnamon flavour. These are so dense that they are a great snack! They don’t look very large, but there’s more there than you think!

Graze continues to remain one of my favourite things to get online. The snacks combined with an excellent customer service experience keeps me coming back!

If it sounds good to you, give it a try with my referral code! You can try a free box with no risk, but as a side note, you will have to give them credit card information in order to sign up, but they won’t charge you unless you stick with the sub!


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